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  The Olin Group, LLC.  
  Welcome to the Olin Group, LLC.


We are professional appraisers and consultants who help entities and individuals value their assets. Our principal, Cliff Olin has been performing valuations since 1986 on a variety of assets for many different purposes.

Our reports are utilized by Lenders, Accountants, Attorneys, Companies and individuals that require accurate, timely and reliable appraisals that meet our stringent quality control standards.

All valuations are developed in accordance with the "Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice" (USPAP) and are recognized by the Banking Industry, the US Internal Revenue Service and our Judicial System.

Cliff Olin

As you can see, we are a “one stop shop” for all your valuation needs and can offer economies of scale to clients who are in need of a combination of valuation services we offer.

Please rest assured that your situation will be handled with the utmost care and attention to ensure great satisfaction with the finished product and overall service.

  We culminate our years of business experience, variety of valuation services and established network of professionals to offer Exit Planning Advisory Services to small and medium size business owners ready to meet the next challenge life has to offer. Our goals are simple; Maximize the Value of your Business, Minimize the tax impact of the sale proceeds and enhance after sale satisfaction of your pursuit of the next challenge life has to offer.


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